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The Janet Difference

Why Choose Janet?

“I took over a listing in Cherry Hills that was a gorgeous Hamptons style home with a very traditional dark kitchen. I had them paint the kitchen cabinetry whiteand SOLD the house in 2 days”

With over 30 years of sales experience, Janet is an accomplished problem solver. As she walks through your home, she begins formulating a strategic plan that will minimize your expenses and maximize your return on investment.

Janet will work with all sellers to promote the home’s best features, sometimes it is as simple as incorporating her “less is more” strategy. Other times, it takes months to do the necessary work/repairs. Regardless of the time, Janet is committed to the client and their ultimate goals.

“I work hand in hand with my clients, many times before we list, I am over there moving furniture and fluffing pillows”
Resources at your disposal! With every necessary solution, comes a contractor, or three. Pairing the right work crew with the project, makes the process easier on the seller. We are not general contractors, but sometimes I think we could be, I have worked with so many home remedy solutions, nothing intimidates me on how to find a solution, that is my specialty!Photography—Superior digital representation is how homes are sold, Janet will garner more showings because she takes the time to photograph your home before it is on the market. Photography makes a great first impression and helps paint a spectacular picture. Through her experience, Janet has created a network of photographers so she can pick the one that will capture your home best. Janet insist on HDR(High Dynamic Range) imagery, advanced technology that captures the view through a glass door or window, so every angle of the home is caught on film.

Market Respect—Over the years, Janet has risen to the top as one of Denver’s premier Real Estate Brokers. Selling over $50M in 2016 she has worked with many accomplished Brokers, and they love working with Janet, and find her to be authentic, caring, fun and fair. Every detail is anticipated and planned for. Janet frequently receives emails from colleagues describing how much they love working with her. In an industry where 90% of the transactions are co-operative with another broker, selecting one that has respect is a great value.Janet utilizes not only the most state of art technology but has an experienced staff to support the efforts of all her clients. Paula Williams has over 20 years of Real Estate Experience and will be a involved inmany of the details. You will feel the benefits of experience when you work with Janet!

Results, Results, Results–Real Estate is not easy, there are millions of details, and half of them could be problems, Janet has the experience to wade through the issues and prioritize them with confidence and brilliance. She has the understanding of each element of the transaction, ultimately providing you the comfort during a very stressful time.

The Selection of a Real Estate Broker is one that should take time, I spend quit a lot of time with a listing appointment. I want to express all the information I think is of value, if you do not choose me, I still feel it is my responsibility to share my knowledge.

Having been a Denver resident since 1978 and raising three children here gives Janet in-depth historical and local knowledge about schools and neighborhoods in Denver and the surrounding areas. Information and expertise her clients find priceless when considering a new home for their families. Janet has devoted her philanthropy efforts to Kent Denver, the Denver Arts community, holiday sponsored Denver Botanic Garden events and various community non-profits. As well as activities in her neighborhood including the pumpkin drop, pool party and so much more.

Janet Kritzer works harder than any human being should. She pays attention to EVERY detail, tracking down and resolving the smallest of issues while keeping her client’s priorities in the forefront of her mind. – Lindsay & Rao

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